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How To Fix Windows 404 Page Not Found Error

hello everyone how are you doing this is

mdtech here another quick tutorial today

I’m going to be showing you guys how to

hopefully result the HTTP error 404 your

trying to access web pages and

unfortunately you’re having issues

assuming that this is an error that’s

occurring on our local computer and on

our network um there is one specific

suggestion I can make to how to resolve

that issue and that would be to head

over to the Start menu and we’re going

to left-click on the start button and

type in services

should be listed as a desktop app on

Windows 10 on earlier versions of

Windows issued just say services so you

want a left click on that


ideally we’re going to be searching for

web deployment agent service and then

we’d right-click on it and then left

with one stop however since it’s not in

my list we’re going to instead go over

to web client here we’re going to right

click on it and then left we’ll go and

stop now only do web client if there’s

no web deployment agent service

available in this list so just keep that

in mind and then once you’re done you

can close out of the services window and

hopefully you should be good to go so I

hope this brief tutorial helped you guys

out and I hope to catch you in the next

tutorial goodbye

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