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Age of Empires 1 Full Version No Cd | 100% Cracked | Fully Works on Windows!!!

hello everyone I am Jason and today I’m

going to show you how to play eight of

them girls want in okay theme so the

first thing you need is the file so we

get to the final I have filled the link

in the description so you can copy the

link and paste it to your browser and

enter like this so after you do this you

will find there is a down thing and you

should download it now like this okay

I’m gone I’m not going to do that

because I have the file here so to open

this file you don’t need any 774 window

you can just double click and you can

extract like this it will extract in

your downloaded place okay so after you

extract it it will look like this so I

have extracted and here you can see two

exe files I can see there’s a number one

and this is not a give D X this is an X

file I don’t know okay so this is a tomb

there is two Exe files this one is the

older forum and this is the rise of room

version so if you want to play rather

promotions with this and it wanted this

version then click this so I’m going to

a rise of Rome Rome fashion so I’m gonna

click this

and listen it has opened

what it is not then what is that sorry

sorry so the game has started

so yeah I did it too

man this reminds me of my childhood

I played this game a long time ago but

now I don’t say asthma sorry

ah okay thank you I’ve shown you how to

pick H of M plus one and thanks for

watching like and subscribe me thank you

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