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How to Transfer Music From iTunes to iPhone, iPad, iPod

and today’s video we’re going to talk a

little about iTunes and your iPhone or

your iPad and how to move music from one

to the other and a lot about you know

how to navigate about your iTunes so the

first thing we’ve got here is an iPhone

up on the screen and I change up nicely

know this tutorial doesn’t matter what

iPhone you’ve got or what iPad is the

exact same steps to follow I’ll just –

up so it takes up less room the iPad

will take up more so the first thing I’m

going to point out as on your iTunes you

can see here across the top you’ve got

songs albums artists and playlists these

open up a different window songs albums

artists and playlists but it’s exact

same on your iPhone you can see here so

back back different but you’ve got

playlists you’ve got artists songs and

albums and these will each open up a

reflection of that window so let’s say

you want to get a new playlist so here’s

all my playlists here I would just come

down to this little plus symbol and

without a nucleus folder I’m not going

to but you would add a new playlist

folder and able to create one of these

folders here you would then go to your

albums by clicking up here or even your

songs and you would select those songs

and you can drag them over so basically

you have just selecting that one and

then you would go down and you would

hold down the control key to select all

the songs you wanted or if you wanted to

select from here to appear you could

just hold down the shift or command key

and it will select all of them the good

thing about this I’m just going to get

through it and holding ctrl or command

so I’m selecting some songs here they

all know the iPhones and iPads haven’t

got a huge amount of space on them so

you may only want to take over the songs

that you like rather than fill albums

I’ve always get playlists on my iPhone

because I’m just taking over the songs I

like from each particular album so when

I’ve selected the ones I’m going to

left-click I’m going to drag over and I

can drop into any playlist so that’s how

you make your playlists you just go

through all your songs select the ones

you want and add them to a playlist and

that playlist from up here and here so

that’s a lot about the navigation iTunes

how do we get the songs over to your

iPhone let’s bring up an iPhone and all

I change you see here in the top

right-hand corner that will maybe see

iPad if you’ve got an iPad or your iPod

and here so go to selector and you

should see four windows here again

playlists artists journals and albums

and it’s from here that we want to go

through and select but once we want to

be added to our device so I’m going to

select 2013 press the meter up I’m going

to select just a few random songs from


and okay down here

I don’t want to select any our buns in

fact I’ll select Rihanna oops

I had the ctrl key down and selected


so unselect all that and we’ll start

again so in this one I’m just going to

scroll down

just got to select up one album when

I’ve selected all the songs from my

playlists artists Jordan Russell albums

I’m gonna click apply and then I’m going

to click sync to synchronize that to my

iPhone I’ll bring up iPhone as you can

see here sync and just now so don’t

unplug it and then you can see already

it’s picked up playlist on and there’s

other songs that wasn’t there before

that’s a playlist so let’s get down to

artists as you can see it’s put the

artists and selected Israel songs and

albums it will automatically categorize

songs that you bring over and artists so

anything abramova and the playlist these

ones here will also appear in your

artists so it’s just a little bit way of

organizing it I hope this video has

helped until the next time stay safe

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